A fresh start of thoughts

Lingering on the edges of yesterday I find myself in thoughts. Not as deep as I once was but still I feel the deep routed connection of time spent thinking of thoughts people had. Never one to easily forget I can't help but wonder about how much of what we are is made of thoughts.

Thoughts we share.

Thoughts we have.

Thoughts others share.

Thoughts others have.

The ability to remain in thoughts is often taken from us by others as well. Thoughts interrupted by acts that depend on thoughts in a less dominant way or by thoughts that take up all of our thoughts until clouded by unconscious thoughts we feel thoughtless. 

Lost to thoughts or in thoughts we are unaware of all the thoughts running our system. Thoughts in the deep brought to the surface of thoughts bring on a thought we are aware of and before we can think it all through thoughts are there born by that one thought. The one thought that brings us to thoughts back to thoughts and on to new thoughts.

A fresh start of thoughts develops



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  1. indianaruth

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    August 08, 2016