all for easter

On a bright sunny day a brown little bunny stumbled among the grass upon a colour pallete cramped with bright pastel colours which a painter had left there by chance. The unfortunate little bunny fell face first into the bright mess.


 Poor little fellow...


What respectable little bunny hops around in pastel pinkish hues mixed with yellows and blues?


The poor creature immediately thought to hide his coloured fur so that the fellow bunnies might not catch a glimpse of him. Unfortunately a painter's colours are very slippery once let out of their tubes especially when you happen to drop yourself into their midst fullbodied.


As fast as he could the poor bunny made its way across the field to the next human dwelling ground figuring that what came to the field by humans belonged there and could be nullified there as well.


Slipping and sliding around in the dim evening light proved to be quite the difficult task while remaining unseen. As it became darker and darker the poor creature soaked in pastel hues sought a place to hide and sleep as it came upon a barn.


Carefully the bunny sniffed the air before it entered the barn. It the dark he could make out many small nests made of straw. Tiptoeing slowly through the barn he rubbed his back, belly and ears on the small strawy bundles throwing wet coloured straw back into the nests.


He made his way allthrough the barn sullying each and every nest in the process while leaving his pastel footprints on the barnground. The poor fellow slept terribly in his itching cloaking fur. Indeed it itched and clodded so bad that the poor bunny left the barn in search of water to dunk himself in before the first light of day.


As the farmer opened the barn's door in the bright morning light he found all his eggs coloured and a floor covered in bunny footprints. His children followed on his heal, had they not been there the poor farmer would have sworn of his evening print for all times. The children loved the coloured eggs and told all the neighbour's offspring about it. They brought their parent and word got around... and since that time eggs are coloured at easter, today mostly by us humans since we can't hope for a painter to forget about his palette and a poor clumsy bunny to happen upon us every year.


All for easter...




Happy easter... enjoy the blessed holidays my friends, follower, reader


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