difficult people

Some people are really difficult. They try to see the world through the eyes of their wishes. Now that would be fine if they would accept that others see things through their own eyes and their wishes don't have to match the wishes of these people.


Some people are really difficult to live with because they stubbornly stick to their own hurt soul and deny everyone else to be hurt as well, to have hang ups to, not all is about these people. These people all to often get hurt by their own thoughts and discard people before their actions could even touch them.


Some people are really difficult to talk to because they judge others but never themselves. It is always about what others do, how others behave, how others should pay attention to their opinion, how other should be their friends.


Some people are difficult to meet because they try so hard to be liked that they disfigure their own personality so much that it is simply impossible to meet them. All one can see is constructed by the wish to be liked.

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