easy change easy go people have no substance or have they

Some people change easy, they live their lifes high up in the air denying all existence of a world below. Denying the existence of hardship, loss and misery they live high up in their castle of the world they painted onthe walls of their mind, the cage of their soul.


Reality never touches them and if it does it never is as it is. Everything changes all the time. Today's beliefs are nothing but hazy clouds tomorrow, tomorrow brings new beliefs to shout out today and forget tomorrow. Walk away people they are as they walk away from all that doesn't fit their lofty mind's castle of dreams. Drifting in the air they discard people, emotions and thoughts like rags since nothing has any meaning to them.


Reality never comes to call at their door and if she did they wouldn't see her waving at them from the front porch. Even if she decided to intrude through the backdoor they wouldn't raise their fickle heavily dreamclouded eyes to acknowlegde her presence.


Some people change easier than the wind. They are never stable in no way. They own no deeper thoughts of their own. Deeper meaning has nothing for them only the shallow, the superfluous counts since it is the only thing light enough to enter their castle of dreams.

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Comments (2)

  1. mythoughts77

    I kind of live up there in the clouds, but I do come down every so often to see whats going on. My eyes are usually open but but I do close them to some issues.
    Good write Yuki… great thoughts.

    June 07, 2014
    1. yayuki

      well I can’t help my mind working like a hamster in wheel lol

      June 07, 2014