Human life is up to choices - nature is not to be blamed for all - people are their own person - human interaction has many aspects - human life lets people choose - Everything is a choice, even when in comes up to private parts it is all up to choice:

Sexuality is a choice.


Someone who only has sex with women will call themself heterosexual, others will call him the same. Someone who only has sex with their own gender will call themselves homosexual, others will call him many things.


Based on what?


Fate will teach them in many different ways.



Sexuality is a choice.


One day something happens, a situation throws someone... or throws itself at someone, emotional attachment comes into play or simple lust, whatever and they discover the other side works as well… now 95% of the population end up in conflict and question their lifes, their choices, their preferences and wonder if they are the opposite… no matter if they choose the good word or the bad term to label themselves...



Partner or way to express, sexuality is a choice as much as it offers choices and opportunities for thought and choice. To have or not... Plain vanilla or spiked...male or female...young or old...The 'or' actually refers to the individual talking about general it has to be 'and': Some people have sex and some people don't, some people have plenty and some people have the occasional encounter, some people try more then one partner and others stick to the same, vanilla and spiked flavour please people, please try to understand people are different as much as they are equal.



Sexuality is a choice: Changeable not from without but from within.


A person can never change something for another person only for themselves. Someone who loves sex will have plenty whichever way. Someone who doesn’t won’t. It says nothing about their character or their education it is a subconscious choice. Just like with gender that is ok, unless people use it with an intent that has nothing to do with sexuality.

Not everything is related to sexuality even if sexuality is a big influence by either choice of the individual or by choice of society expressed in media. Sexuality is neither good nor bad it just is. So why bother? Some people have inclinations and tendencies that origin from an emotional injury which resulted in a conviction that installed a need and made them prefer something which now plays into play and defines their sexuality. Like for example a cruel streek (simplified as 'cruel streek' here because it has a chain for about 20 things that lead backwards through convictions, beliefs, expectations, experiences and so on).

People have a choice. People come from neutral grounds. Nature dosen't define set in stone necessesities,  strong rules and weak rules are the not the end of all things. There are people( both genders refered to in people) who prefer women but their life partner is male. Now, normally that wouldn’t work right?


It can't work because people are stuck with what they have to deal in life a priori, right?




Sexuality is a choice!


Sexuality is a personal choice!


A choice on opportunity made by each person one on one. A choice how to live and how to spend one's life. All up to choice, not an accumulation of simple choices, life ain't simple or nobody would ever learn one thing. Your sexuality is up to you! People choose on their own, all by themselves in the privacy of the darkest spot in their mind, hidden from all even themselves for their own best.


It doesn’t work if people do it for society! It doesn’t work if  people do it for their parents! It doesn’t work if they do it for religion! It doesn’t work if they do it because they belive the other way or any other way to live is wrong!


It only works if they want to live with that one person on a very deep level. It only works if they want to live that life more than anything else. It is called ‘overriding (forgot the second term)’ and means it has to be a wish so deep it changes the rules set by oneself without disturbing their chosen order and shake up the foundations of their selves.


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