Instagram and others or why I chose thoughts

Looking for a place where I can post my pictures I came upon Instagram. I will not use Instagram because I don't like their AGB. It nearly shocked the hell put of me. They state that they can and will use everything one enters as welll as share it further or sell it. This is no place to use or share pictures of one's painting. I need to use my skills for websites again I guess even if they are not very big.


Here is the german original...,instagram306.html



Here a translation in easy talk... it is supposed to be page 10 of the AGB of Instagrameasy so a child will understand


Videos and pictures you post belong to you but you allow us to use them and we can allow others to use them. We probably will give them to others all around the world. we probably will take money for others to use it and you will get no money for it.


We are allowed to share with whoever we want everything you enter including your Name, mailaddress,school, place you live, telephonenumber, what you like or don't like, where you are, and every other personal information we can find like your birthday or with who you talk/ chat even in private setting. We are not responsible for what others do with this information. we don't sell your data without your allowance. If you delete your account we keep your personal data and photos as long as we need them for business.


We can send you advertisement even if you can't see it's advertisement.


We can pressure you to give up your username.


We can change the rules anytime, like post an update on instagram no matter if you see it or not.


Instagram doesn't sound like a place I will frequent. I have the information from the website mentioned, the website names a british lawyer that translated the AGB User manual for kids maybe you can look at that for deeper inside knowledge if you wonder what else you agreed to or will agree to.


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Comments (2)

  1. cjb321

    You have GOT to be kidding. I wouldn’t post anything there. Thanks for the heads up!!!

    September 09, 2017
    1. yayuki

      I always go through the trouble of reading the terms of service before I use something. So it takes time for me to decide. It is actually shocking to find out what exactly is written in terms of services. I started reading tumblr so far as perpaid services it sounds better but it always switches languages.

      September 10, 2017