not enough time

Sometimes one wonders when people agreed to be slaves. When did people accept to be pressured and manipulated? For what reason did people agree to be slaves?


In ancient times people answered to seasons, later on they answered to the sun. Nature dictated life but she had a right to do so. People grew independent of nature, dependent on themselves only they believed. They developed electricity and became independent from the sunlight to do as they pleased in the nights that where not so dark anymore. They created and conquered places to grow and buy food, they managed to live in warm or cool places and the seasons lost their hold on them. For what one can't help but wonder?


All that striving for a life ruled by themselves just to create themselves a new god they dedicated their life to. A big fat counter of time who they built to dictate them when to do what. Not a new thing, once the sun had the job until a small machine took over. 24 hours created to control people's actions, places to be and lenght of sleeping periods as well. Everybody worships the hands of time, watches the hours go by, prays fro certain hours to come - day in and day out time, time time.


A machine took over, nobody complained. But time became shorter. Work done in a day should be done in an hour. The work of four people turned into the halfday expectation of one. When did the inhumaity of the machine take over as well? People need to function, their work as precise as clockwork.


When did people agree to have their hearts exchanged by a clock?

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