Sweet temptation, at times so close to my heart andsoul that I can barely resist the sweet whispers of promised painless peace. Oh stay away , oh please come closer let me hear those promises again. Warnings who needs them, brave and strong I am... what danger can a mere whisper be.


But still the thought lingers slowly enfolds to drive its roots into me heart's tender flesh. Longingly my eyes wander to the beautiful little white hope that will grant me freedom for a hour, drive the raging storms of anger from my mind as clouded with pain it sends me raging at the misfortune of a weak mind that drove others to suck their cancer sticks for far less reason.


Sweet temptation whispering to me, take just one, come on it will calm the storm and wrap the ache in soft thick blankets, pain will leave and your mind will be free to write that is what you wish to do... just swallow hope once more, what harm lies in one for a strong mind. Strocking my soul lovingly temptation moved in with me, it seems I saw her unpack just yesterday.... yesterday.... yesterday


Releave such a beautiful word, anger roars in the backyard sometimes I think the lid barely holds him. As grey mists choke me in the night and send my body dancing to the tune that fumes dictate my nervs and make temptation be my guest. Another whisper taunts me that the weak mind of another recklessly sends me into hell by sucking on their on their cancer sticks... oh rages the anger how I hate those mindless weaklings who fell pray to the stupidity of useless temptation, that does nothing but steal the money from their pockets baring the smile of painful death years  from now...


years from now the whispers laugh, why years not now... not now... make it now and take them to their chosen destiny on shorter path... give them the benefits their insolent weak minds demand and set their nerves on flames and let Nicotine their godess reap and rape them to her icy heart's content and shun them away in some dark corner where their wicked godess dwells.


Sweet temptation, at times so close to my heart and soul that I can barely resist the sweet whispers of promised painless peace. Only one, only one... only one... or maybe one won't be enough so better two, two will last longer but not as long as three will do...a night of painless sleep sounds wonderful come on take them, take them and sleep, sleep, deep, no awful waking from nerves that try to wreck your spine, run fiery lines across your parts that sends them into cramping heaves... give in ... oh please...please take the white curse and let them have a go...

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Comments (12)

  1. peacefulthinking

    they are addictive both parents and grandmother died to early because of those nasty things

    October 04, 2014
    1. yayuki

      indeed… yet people ar still stupid enough to buy them and risk other people’s lifes by smoking them… if it were just their own lifes it would be just another point for Darwin

      October 04, 2014
    2. yayuki

      sorry you meant your family not in general…I am kind of stupid today… this damn pain is driving me nuts

      October 04, 2014
      1. peacefulthinking

        that’s ok.. some people do not beleive in second hand smoke issues. I have asthma they say due in large part growing up in a smoked filled house. When my mom passed, her house smelled like a fire sale. Nothing I could do could get rid of that smell. She had the same cologne I did, when I took the bottle home I placed the bottle next to mine the liquid was so yellow you could not see through it, mine was clear as a bell. I pitched it.. Nasty habit

        October 04, 2014
        1. yayuki

          exactly… many people forget that nicotine is a poison and it attacks the nervesystem which is exactly why many smokers experience that they eat less it is lack of appetite it is simply faulty nerve messaging same goes the other way some people simply eat and eat and eat… and well considering that the barin consists of mosty nerve tissue… smokers are slower thinkers… and a main reason for headaches it is too

          October 05, 2014
          1. peacefulthinking

            I could use less messaging to my appetite.. Smokers are slower thinkers? wow that would bring a hailstorm of response if you put that in a title

            October 05, 2014
            1. yayuki

              yes, because nicotine slows the nerve communication down… I guess it is more evident in the less intelligent people because well high intelligence you just don’t see when a bit is gone so to speak… I think physical condition is a factor, too… There is also a relation between violence and nicotine since most of the violent home cases involve smokers… of course it has something to do with the individual tlerance of thebody as not all people develop an allergic reaction to dust, or gluten, or whatever, it shows differently and since a lot of smokers take other drugs as well the combination is sometimes fatal… like alcohol loosens inhibitions and nicotine reduces the ability to control anger among others… my uncles are smokefree because of me… was a simple bet I let them do a test twice same conditions just well one while they were smoking nomrally and again after they didn’t smoke for two weeks, believe they will never smoke again… was the difference between well done and not pass

              October 05, 2014
  2. thewreckingbelle

    oh dear it is evident in your write how painful it is… you wrote is beautifully but the thought saddens me. be well B

    October 04, 2014
    1. yayuki

      yeah sometimes I think I would kill for a painkiller

      October 05, 2014
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    October 02, 2015