the last things - meeting those that left before us?!

People go through life wondering about a million things. The choices multiply and everyone has to face more and more attitudes towards anything. Facing the last things is something that comes along whether we decide to choose to wonder or stumble into a situation that just makes us think.


People never heard of a human being so far that did evade the last travel. People know their existence is limited and whether they confront the thought is up to their set of mind and taste. The topic is related to fear because nobody ever returned and told what is it like on the socalled other side.


People have different approaches towards those that have already left. All kinds of traditions, rites and cultural, religious and philosophical thoughts and wishes enter into the care for those that passed on. The thought lingers that there has to be more nobody is really specific in what more is to come though.


People step through the veil, yet they are still around - they remain with those who they meant a lot to and who meant a lot to them. At times the other side touches this side so much is clear even if all and everybody who ever said something on this subject had a different idea in what way and how it happens. Both worlds collide at least in our minds.

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Comments (8)

  1. tmar

    The other side is boring you go through the pearly gates and one by one taken into a device that wipes your memories of humanity. Then you are sent back to redo all that you have done in this life without the same bodies you are completely born again.

    February 28, 2016
    1. yayuki

      rebirth a really interesting position

      March 04, 2016
  2. tmar

    it has been going on forever. To expand our human genome we must not be wiped anymore. The wiping is only causing problems like we don’t have any down here…. it is called being born again.

    March 05, 2016
    1. yayuki


      May 30, 2016
  3. zanemortlock

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    August 28, 2016
    1. yayuki

      thank you

      April 01, 2017
  4. yayuki

    positive thinking is good in a dire situation

    March 08, 2016