What is a friend?

A friend is someone that likes you, is glad to see you or hear of you.

A friend is someone kind that likes to talk to you or be by your side.

A friend is someone that  recognizes and accepts you as you.

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Comments (5)

  1. jaageet

    I am my friend.

    August 27, 2017
    1. yayuki

      Is it possible to be your owns friend`?

      August 27, 2017
  2. shadow-storm

    A friend is someone who chooses to share time & life with you, because they want to & want to be there because they care for you more than just having a good time.

    August 27, 2017
    1. yayuki


      August 28, 2017
    2. jaageet

      Is this something real or is it a wish?

      August 29, 2017