what kind of life...

Did you ever wonder what kind of life you are living while you were looking at a recent happening while shaking your head in wonder?


Did you ever meet someone whose behaviour just made you roll your eyes?


Did you ever ponder the limits of human stupidity in everyday's life?


Did you ever feel like asking people why they don't for a change try to live up to their own standards, not the easygoing ones they live themselves but the strong, highlevel expectations they throw at others?




People are different feels so not the right thing to say on these occasions but basically after a relaxing moment of thought and breathing it is simply that - a fact. A unavoidable fact, people won't change because of wishes and hopes, people won't change because they suck, people won't change because other feel annoyed or angry - people will only change if they feel the need to change.


People don't feel the need to change because of harassment, people don't feel the need to change because of a strong oponion, people won't change because they get their mistakes rubbed in their faces, people won't change because of violent responses, people won't change because they get hurt - people will only change if they reach a new point of view.


People won't reach a new point of view because they get threatened, people won't have new thoughts because they get them handed on a silver platter, people won't change their opinion, thhough the will pretend to please others, people won't reach a new insight because someone tries to beat it into their skin, people won't change their pov to live more comfortable, people won't change their spots to reach an easier life - people will only look at life in a different way if they discover by themselves that their prior point of view is lacking.




The world doesn't meet all expectations, human life doesn't live up to what everyone expects or wishes it to be.


People discover new things every day.


People need to be overestimated to be able to see more in themselves, instead of underestimated and kept in their silenty agreed upon spots society commonly agreed they perfectly fit to serve.


People discover things about the world and themselves each day, each minute, each second.


People need to get to know themselves before they can truely know anything else.



People can change everything, all they need is to do is really want to change... Because if nothing ever changes the whole world would be locked inside the spell of sleeping beauty, even nature changes to keep the little candles of life burning, generation for generation, - time flies by and all that is important now becomes all and reaches different stages of the freeze of the forgotten.



Change can be a double edged sword yet without it stillness will take over, or will it? It leaves one wondering :

If nobody ever takes the time to try to change something, if all that understand just keep to themselves and silently hope for change, if all those who can relate simply ignore the ones who don't and proclaim change is in the process...


Can anyone live this kind of life at all?


It all comes down to one thing: What kind of life do you wish to live?


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Comments (4)

  1. roxannbieswem

    I agree with every thing you said.No two person are alike,if there were, our lives would be boring..(YEAH)??

    July 29, 2014
    1. yayuki

      Indeed, it is a good thing that people are different. It is also important that people accept the difference in a positive way.

      July 29, 2014