What we do to prove to us we matter.

Straight on to the touch of new souls. New connections made in an instance, a moment in time and we made another aquaintance. Only time will tell what one will become to the other and yet investments are made. Investments of time, money, emotions in insecure fonds called "soon to be more than an aquaintance". Souls that matter to us never give us the garanty of being of matter to them as well.


All sorts of reasons cause the little line to appear in our head "return to sender". Symbols created to enhance emotional understanding in absence of touch ability of senses don't matter to their users in the same way. Yet receiving a smile makes us smile back and feel the gratitude of connecting with another being in a positive way. Makes us feel seen.


What humans do to prove to themselves and others they matter is displayed everywhere. On the inside and the outside of our souls we experience the results of being an individual in a group and being part of said group at the same time. The simple existence forces us to define ourselves as being, a human being - modern philosophical and survival requirements force us to stand out just as much as adapt and unite with the concept of being an example of economy superuser with interest in the onliving remaining structure of environment connected with emotional intelligence we can objectively remove ourselves from to meet the requirements of business and singleuse-relationships which mirror the spirit of constant lacking time we created to meet the requirement of our own technical improvements that ease our life by making us fly even though evolution refuses to adapt and still gives us feet.

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  1. ericpgranada

    The way of man is more disconcerting even unto himself than the Creator unto man.

    February 27, 2016
    1. yayuki


      March 04, 2016
      1. ericpgranada


        March 06, 2016
        1. yayuki

          March 08, 2016
  2. madeleinesteere

    I think our difficulties of life start what we think that what others think about us are so we should just have to good opinion about yourself and with the good essay writers services we feel more confident. You just have to be what you are and don’t think that you don’t matter.

    August 15, 2016